The new psychology

In Germany, the attitude towards psychology experienced a change during the past ten years. People do no longer consider psychology to be a strange, abnormal appendage, but in the meantime they increasingly make use of psychological help, which years ago still would have been unthinkable. In America, recognition of psychology has already been in common prac-tice for a long time. In the meantime, the interest of the general public in psychology has in-creased. In order to better understand their own life and the life of their fellow human beings, many people want to get a better idea about. Thanks to psychology and this knowledge, inter-ested people can / want to better form their personal and social life. For this purpose, many people apply personal ideas in their daily life that are based in our psyche. Psychology can contribute something to all topics of the everyday life. From the art psychology via the ”There is nothing where psychology could not say anything about

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