Specialized training as the management coach

The work of a psychological coach and management coach is based on three different cornerstones.
The first cornerstone is didactics. The ability of the coach and management coach is represented by didactics. It is the job of the coach to pass on knowledge, uses and know-how to the client or clients. This information must be provided in such a way that they are well received by the learning person. This requires an understandable presentation of the knowledge contents as well.
The second cornerstone is the representation of talents of a coach or management coach in the field of management and psychology. It is task of the coach or trainer here to put himself in the current emotional situation of the person opposite, to understand the structures of this person and also to change smaller structures in the personality, which are not useful against the community, into positive structures.
The third cornerstone is represented by content-related components and information. Content-related components and information are required to be provided by the coach or management coach in such a way that they do not contain any unnecessary points. For this purpose, it is indispensable that the coach or trainer restricts the information to the necessary minimum and only presents necessary conclusions. This is how only knowledge is provided which is decisive for the predetermined situation at present.
We are convinced a human being is at any time in need of a knowledge which is up to date. This is necessary for being able to react to all areas of life in the best possible way.

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