The motivation trainer

Based on the specialized training as the psychological management coach and management coach by the Psychological Management Institute

The drive of motivation induces us to act. Therefore, the talent of motivation is an extremely important skill. Indifference would determine our life, if motivation that is driven by wishes would not exist. These wishes are partly not conscious to us at all. A well-trained motivation trainer is required to control three things.

  1. He must have the ability to find the energy in other persons which drives the motivation and to make it applicable for further objectives then.
  2. He is in the position to help the client to find new objectives and identifications which then produce in turn new motivation. In addition, he keeps on being able to extend already existing motivation.
  3. He can orientate the direction of energy of group members away from problems and towards a common objective.

Motivation can be used in order to realize almost all intended aims with a positive result. Even a hypnotist on stage applies motivation. He directs people