Special training as a psychological coach

Contents of the training:

The basic framework of the special training as a psychological coach and management coach is marked by three basic points.

The first important point is didactics. Didactics puts the coach into the situation to train facts with differently complex contents on a way that is easily to learn.

The second important point consists of the ability to recognize management structures on psychological level. The coach or trainer can empathize with the current situation of the client, is able to recognize his personal structures, can balance harmful parts in these structures and change these in turn into positive aspects.

The third point is a combination of content and information. They are required to be united by the coach to avoid essential components getting lost, but that no information which is not useful for the subject is trained either. This is the way how to guarantee that only knowledge is provided which is important.

We are convinced that it is important for the human being always to have the latest information to be in the position to organize his life in all fields in the best possible way.

The topics of the training are:

  1. Didactics. Presenting and moderating are of first priority here.
  2. Ethics. The content of this topic is the definition of targets, finding the sense and the training basic moral aspects.
  3. Psychology. Here you will learn basic components of classical and individual psychology, furthermore contents of the theory of Sigmund Freud.
  4. Coaching/methods. We will allow you access to individual coaching, train you in the application of proven coaching methods such as for example coaching of personalities, companies and groups.
  5. Conflict resolution. Here it deals with the solution of problems in a partnership, within a hierarchy, a group and other.
  6. Communication. We train you in the recognition and application of linguistic patterns, in the analysis of language and in understanding other people and to make yourself clear for others.
  7. Rhetoric. We provide you with the abilities you are in need of to make a speech, to present and to moderate. You will experience the way no longer being controlled by nervousness, but to take initiative of managing events.
  8. Conversation techniques. You will learn methods you can use during selling, discussing, debating, in case of disputes and for achieving goals.
  9. Hypnosis. We explain you the process of hypnosis, provide you with an introduction into this technique, help you realize it and show you fields of the application in daily life.
  10. Transaction analysis (TA). You will be introduced in transaction analysis and learn how to use it.
  11. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). We impart you the basic knowledge and examples for the application of the neurolinguistic programming.
  12. Self-awareness and self-development. We impart you self-awareness and make you experiencing it as well. You will become aware of these things by means of exercises of self-awareness without these coming up to a presentation.
  13. Management of life and time. We impart you a management of time without timers, listings and so forth.
  14. Mediation. Acquire with us competences enabling you to carry out a mediator or arbitrator activity on highest level. This is possible in both the private and the professional field.
  15. Techniques for leading and managing. We impart you the necessary knowledge as a top executive to enable a success-oriented management.
  16. Techniques of motivation. Learn techniques for the personal and motivation of groups as well.
  17. Teamwork. Learn methods for building up a team, for personnel management, for the achievement of a goal aimed at, for the analysis of problems and for correlation of forces.

During your training as a psychological coach and management coach you will get to know everything about rules within a team. We will show you how a team is built up by reasonable employee selection, how it is motivated for target achievement and how a team is led. Finally, synergy is of great importance for seeing a team working effectively.

After the end of the training, we will hand over you a

”Diploma of the psychological management institut

together with a related

”Letter of recommendation