Psychology in the training

In the field of psychology in connection with the training as the psychological management coach and / or trainer it deals among others with the topics responsibility, inferiority, habit, family constellation, feelings, suppression mechanisms and infantile development phases. These all are topics that you are supposed to have internalized as a good coach. They help you to understand reactions and systems of the person to be coached and to find a way to build up the personality of the person to be coached in this way. Each coaching deals with finding the strengths of the person to be coached and to substantiate them. However, finding out weaknesses and their removal is another job as well. If you know whether your person to be coached is the only child, this will already tell you a lot of the suppression mechanisms applied by him or the inferiority the person to be coached is charged with. Also the basic knowledge about infantile development phases and maybe interferences during the individual phases and their consequences help you to correctly assess the person to be coached and to show him a way of coming to terms with certain behaviors and to learn new ones.