More precise explanations of the training contents

(Moderation, presentation)

conveyed to you in this part of the training is the understandable
communication of the very different contents with orientation towards
the goal. The chosen didactic methodology is often a decisive aspect
for the question if a presentation is successful. Furthermore,
follow-up orders, support by sponsors and an increase of turnover
depend on this as well.
We put you in the situation to present your remarks in a goal-oriented way.
part of the training deals with the ability to formulate learning
contents and other subject areas in such way that they can be easily
and understandably accepted by the person opposite.

(Target definition, interpretation, moral basics)

conformity ofthe significance of social nature and the society which
represents these values is often not given. Should two parties come in
conflict with each other, both of themare often convinced to be in the
right. The points leading to the decision that something is right or
unfair are content of this training point as a psychological coach and management coach. The line of vision here is directed to both the own person and the other.

(based on the individual and classic psychology and on elements of the theory of Sigmund Freud)

In the training as a psychological coach and management coach
”the theory of the human feeling and action