Word origin of the ”coaching

The word coaching is derived from the word coach. This term in turn comes from the English- speaking area and its translation is something like coach.

The term coaching designates a consultation process carried out on a process-related level on a basis completely tailored to the person to be advised. The approach of coaching itself is directed to person groups active in the management field of a company and maybe in leadership positions as well. The aim of coaching is to support customers in the expansion of their abilities to self-regulation. That does not mean anything else than that the customers are made aware of how to help themselves better in the future. For this purpose, an expansion of the abilities of perceiving, consciousness, ability to exercise reflection and of responsibility is important. The work approaches of coaching are obvious and can be understood by the customer. A procedure which would mean a manipulation of the person opposite cannot be found in the field of coaching. It is not desired, as awareness encouragement and assuming responsibility by the customer would be subject to negative influences and thereby hindered.

Coaching takes place in both the customer