Project coaching means

One of the exceptional advantages of the project coaching are a more optimized course of the project, a relativization and thus also a regulation of investments and expenses of a project, a clearly extended action scope and a clear discharge by consultation. A constructive dialog taking place in continuous distances is facilitated, which supports the exchange among the individual project members. In case of conflict potentials or tensions here, it is possible to directly react in the field of the coaching. Within a project coaching, the work is clearly target-oriented and characterized by a high level of flexible possibilities. The cooperation has an inspiring effect on the participants of a project coaching and therefore releases a high level of creativity.

The project coaching aims at showing the project manager as well as team members possibilities which represent alternatives to behaviors. A changed perception can result from that as well.
The consultant will be anxious to instruct the participants to question their behavior patternsand to enrich with new strategies where appropriate or possibly to replace them completely by these. The test of these new strategies is an important component for an effective, target- oriented coaching.

In cooperation with the coach, the person to be consulted elaborates objectives within an intense conversation and explains his concerns. Here the coach will show the participant different perceptions by questions, argumentation and different interpretation. This guaranteesthat different possibilities to orientate by are presented to the person.
The differences between project coaching and the direct individual coaching can of course be found in working with the whole group which is the focus of attention.