Intercultural coaching

The intercultural coaching is applied if few employees, that is one or two persons, must be prepared for contacts abroad. For such a small group, the intercultural training is not suitable,so that a trained personnel manager will usually prefer the intercultural coaching.

The fact that contents of the coaching can be very specially adapted to the persons to be coached is a decisive advantage of this coaching variant. For a larger internal group or a seminar open for many different participants, however, this advantage usually is often ignored. This kind of coaching leaves a considerably larger part for individual interests and questions.

The intercultural coaching in this case offers following different fields:

  • Coaching for the preparation of a stay abroad/foreign contact. In this underlying situation an increasing contact abroad in future is assumed. Staying abroad is often not excluded here.
  • Coaching serving for the consultation in intercultural problem situations. Here it is dealt with an already existing contact abroad which results in comprehensive problems requiring a fast intervention.
  • Re-entry-coaching. This coaching is applied as a kind of reintegration support after a stay abroad, through which massive problems during the return and the rehabilitation into the old work environment occur.

Coaching for the preparation of a stay in Germany. This offer addresses to foreign employees in German companies in order to deal with maladjustment and to give support there.