Development-oriented coaching

As each successful coaching aims at triggering and accompanying development, each kind of coaching in general can be considered as a development-oriented coaching. Nevertheless, a process expressly referred to as a development-oriented coaching in a row of points is different from a normal coaching. Two important constraints are addressed here:

The interest in a development-oriented coaching is usually not directly expressed by the client. This is explained by an unawareness about the existence of such a form of coaching anyway. Therefore, the diagnostic abilities of the coach are in demand, in order to recognize that a development-oriented coaching would be advantageous for the client.

Clients that express the wish for a development-oriented coaching frequently have an idea far beyond the ideal case, as far as the objective of the coaching and the achievement of exactly these objective is concerned. Since they are not in the situation to reach the self-set objectives under their own steam, they address to the coach with the request for consultation. It is also possible that the client has already reached his objectives, but that the client is not satisfied and he is further looking for challenges. Here the coach is demanded to exactly investigate the objectives and motives of the client with a critical angle of view. For this purpose, loyalty against the client is required, which, however, should be absolutely critical. That means, that the coach should feel committed to the client, but should not leave behind a necessary level of criticism behind this feeling of commitment.