Coaching and its measurable quality

In a coaching, quality is not only measured based on the result, but there are all in all three criterions which contribute to a good coaching. The quality of a coaching becomes measurable based on the three quality features – structure, process and result.

The structural quality describes existing features such as training and experiences of the coach with regard to methods applied, as well as the training of the person to be coached, the relationship of the coach towards the person to be coached and the position of the company within the association. Here, the basic question is ”WHAT”.

Process quality describes the surrounding contents of the coaching. This does not only comprise methods applied, material and time of the coaching, but also the personal quality of the coach such as friendliness, openness, punctuality etc.. A very substantial feature is communication. Here, the basic question is ”HOW”.

Result quality describes the goal actually achieved within the coaching, in the personal change of the person to be coached as well as in the achievement of economic objectives. Here, a cost-benefit ratio and a pre-post analysis is created. The question asked is ”WHY”.

The three quality features of coaching are very significant irrespectively of each other, i.e., for example, process quality can be very high, structural quality rather moderate and result quality nevertheless convincing. Thus, they are required to be individually evaluated in order to give a statement about the quality of the coaching. Even within the individual quality features it is not absolutely necessary that all conditions are fulfilled. This is rather a value to be considered as absolute and which usually is never filled completely.