Who carries out a management consultancy?

A management consultancy – and this is obvious – is carried out by a management consultant. This sounds clear and everyone has already heard about the profession of the management consultant. However, the profession of themanagement consultant does not exist in Germany. So by whom is a management consultancy carried out?

Anyone working in management consultancy can be called management consultant.This procedure is unproblematic for the applicant. In Germany, many job profiles are filled without any concrete job profile. However, this leads to some problems. Above all, objectiveness of the management consultancy is not guaranteed, since often management consultants are applied by special companies who cooperate with certain partners such as for instance insurance companies. Thus, the customer is not offered the wide range of possibilities at all.

Management consultancy is often carried out by freelancers. This requires a suitable qualification. From the academic point of view, becoming professionally qualified for working in a management consultancy requires an economic final degree and a three-years professional experience. However, career changers often work in the management consultancy as well, but in this case the necessary experience and know-how is often missing. This is only acquired directly at the customer. For this reason, many employees in management consultancy submit to a so-called code of honor which is to guarantee independence, objectiveness and confidence of management consultancy. At the same time, the competence of the person carrying out the management consultancy is guaranteed.

Since there is thus no exact job profile for the management consultancy, the trend is towards founding associations or similar. Based on guidelines and titles to be given by these associations, the quality of management consultancy is to be guaranteed. And thus calling on a management consultancy will probably become a profit for any company.