Process of a management consultancy

Of course, a management consultancy in generally is carried out like every other consultancy as well, but regarding management consultancy there are certain key points in the focus of attention, where it is referred to in anymanagement consultancy in regular occurrence. The conventional management consultancy starts with an actual state analysis, and one could speak about a situation analysis as well where the management consultancy is based upon. Once the situation of the company has become clear to the management consultancy, the target formulation is made up, which consequently represents the target state where themanagement consultancy is intended to aim at. Should the actual-state analysis as well as the target state be clearly presented by the management consultancy, they can start with the calculation of the probable consultancy effort. Should the company accept the management consultancy based on this calculation, further steps will follow. At first, the management consultancy company develops a concept for the achievement of the target state. Once this concept has been created by the management consultancy, the management consultancy company will present it to the company or its executives. Should the company be satisfied with the concept of the management consultancy, the service is probably terminated at this stage already and the company will realize the concept proposed by the management consultancy on its own. However, it often occurs that the management consultancy is still involved in the realization of the concept as well, but the management consultancy knows its concept the very best. In this case, coaching – thus the assistance during the implementation (realization) – and the measure controlling – during which it is continuously investigated to which extent the progress of the objective has already taken place – represent the next steps.