Management Coaching

In the Federal Republic, coaching is offeredas an external service in industry, in trade and particularly in the service area and so forth. The focus of attention here is an improvement of the market position and the situation of competition.

Tasks of the management coaches and / or management coaching:
Coaching is basically used as a means or rather aids to be able to work successfully. Coaching is used as a support activity at the place where certain developments take place or optimization is planned. Coaching serves as atechnical tool for the achievement of planned aims, learning targets as well, in order to achieve a know-how or level strived for. Simplified, coaching can be imagined as a navigation system. The dialog between the client and the management coach is used for the achievement of a target in order to increase the efficiency of the management and to be able to develop approaches for difficulties and implementations.
The qualities of the management coaching are traced by means of the three quality dimensions:

  • Structural quality
  • Process quality
  • Result quality

The structural quality contains the single features as experience and qualifications of the coach, qualities and efficiency of the materials of the used instruments and methods.

The process quality is measured based on the quality of the produced services, with reference to the scale and the extents, process-specific and chronological quality of the coaching offer.

Criteria as customer friendliness, reliability, transparency and communication are also considered at that.

The result quality measures the efficiency and the success of services performed and the economic efficiency.