Facets of management consultancy

Management consultancy is carried out in many large and medium-sized companies. There are always changing problems and a new environment. Thus, a management consultant is required to adapt again and again to the situation he is faced with in order to be able to carry out a good management consultancy. Based on the existing problems, however, some fundamental variants of management consultancy can be distinguished.

At highest level of management consultancy, there is the consultancy of the management, where aspects of business management, which can be found in the direct sphere of activity of the management, is addressed to. The organization of the company or the strategy on the national and international market are very important here. But also directly the level of seniority and the advertising strategy of the company can be further inspected during a management consultancy. A management consultancy can relate to certain areas of a company as well. IT-consultancy has become particularly interesting during the past years. Complete large-scale companies have been founded working in this field of management consultancy. In this case, the technological structure of the company is investigated in order to achieve an effective and low-priced infrastructure.

HR advisory deals with a special task. This kind ofmanagement consultancy comprises the professional search for suitable employees. In this case, management consultancy usually concerns positions at highest level or particular specialist posts.Moreover, this management consultancy tries to achieve an optimization of existing personnel resources. This can be achieved by means of further education or special personnel concepts such as internal kindergartens.

In principle, every kind of management consultancy pursues similar objectives. The probably most popular objective is cost reduction. According to professionalization of the management consultancy, this can be easily achieved by a new angle of view to company processes. A management consultancy in case of radical company changes such as fusions or outsourcing takes place in a different way. In this case, it rather deals with a suitable company of the process. In all cases, management consultancy can guarantee the necessary security for innovations in the company.