Criticism on management consultancy

As advantageous as a management consultancy may look like at first sight, there are, however, numerous critical approaches putting the external service of the management consultancy in another light. There is criticism on the management consultancy from the economic and business-management point of view. As far as economics is concerned, criticism on the management consultancy relates above all to globalization. That means that management consultancy does not have to feel any of the negative consequences of its consultancies, as it only performs its job as a consultant and as an external service provider does not have to feel any of the possible consequences that could be caused by a management consultancy, particularly by a wrong one. Like already mentioned, there is various criticism from the business-management point of view as well. For example, it is criticized that the expertise, thus the concept developed by the management consultancy, only summarizes and presents already internally prefabricated proposals, instead of proposing new solutions. Moreover, it is criticized that themanagement consultancy accordingly has not to bear any responsibility for the result, and this is why meanwhile many companies prefer the Interim Management instead of the management consultancy. A further criticism on the management consultancy that is often mentioned is that a managing director can push through unpopular decisions by means of an external management consultancy, without finally having to take responsibility for this himself. This is why finally both parties benefit, the managing director as well as the management consultancy, which due to the liability fundamentals cannot be held responsible. There is a product liability in the field of management consultancy, but to such an extent that is can only be held responsible for demonstrable wrong information having caused a damage. However, management consultancy cannot be held responsible if the company has realized the proposed concept the wrong way or if receiving wrong information from the management of the company.