Strategy coaching

In strategy processes, requiring the communicative support onthe decision maker level, a special kind of coaching is applied: the strategy coaching. However, the strategy coaching differs from the traditional strategy consultation, which has an increasing effect on the knowledge basis in the business sense and systems for the control of a strategy process. Even in the initial strategy consultation it is no longer exclusively dealt with showing solution models and economic analysis methodology. A conventional classic strategy consultant will nevertheless search for access to the consultation by administrative business models and facts. Thus, he is faithful to the economic perspective. This explains the tendency in the entrepreneurial practice of including apart from consultants of the administrative business field also experts of communication in the company of important change projects. The strategy coaching starts already in the strategy readjustment process, and not only immediately before or even only in the realization phase. This results from the fact that the strategy coaching puts on as a central change process in the control and orientation of the decision-maker level.

The development of guidelines into a certain direction and their active realization is one of the main tasks of the management which cannot be delegated. The strategy coaching follows this management principle. Within this support and orientation process, consequence and clearness can often likely to be missed. Things which in strategy projects seemed to be completely clear at the beginning (for example cost reduction around 30 %), are no longer such obvious on closer inspection- particularly if several persons with decision-making power have to come down to a ”common denominator